Mast First Aid Part 2

Blue tape is covering the crack.

This pic shows fiberglass epoxied to the mast.

    Long shot of initial sanding of the crack repair.

It’s been awhile since I last updated our mast repair. We got the mast down and started the repairs. The mast had a 12 foot hairline crack. I widened the crack ever so much. Maybe to about a 1/4 inch by makinking a V cut the length of the crack. After completing this step I mixed up some penetrating epoxy and used a syringe to apply to the base of the crack. I let it soak in and kick off. Done for today. Letting the epoxy cure.

The next day after examination of the first application of epoxy and seeing great results I applied another layer of epoxy with a filler in it. As with the first run of epoxy, once it kicked off it is left to cure until the next day.

Day three. Today I am applying a final layer of epoxy and laying a 1/2 inch strip of fiberglass on top and saturating with epoxy. It goes on smooth and begins to kick off. Now for it to cure until tomorrow. Word of advice, if your laying a strip of fiberglass, don’t overlap it. Set it end to end. Butt it together. After curing it has to be sanded. What a pain in the rear end.

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